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For your product/service targeted at the Indian educational sector, then is the website you need to advertise on by becoming our Business Partners, in this most interesting academic online experience. There are more than 10 million people with internet access in India, a few million websites in existence today and many new ones coming up everyday. Just as you have reached us there are many others who reach us. You can reach those people and let them use our optimized services and resources at economical cost. stands for the flow of trustworthy and valuable information in the domain of education in India. We have been engaged in helping out the students, teachers, scholars, academicians and general public alike. The appreciations and the encouragements from the all quarters have helped emerging as a brand. Our vibrant team delivers quality user experience. offers a unique opportunity to connect with your audience in a personal and targeted way and the ability to do so at massive scale. Take a look at some of the advertising opportunities to discover how your brand can converse with this vibrant community.



Buy an advert on any of our web pages and let your business be seen by thousands of our visitors. Contact us, advertise and grow your business today!! We offer ads as Text Link and Banner Ads. A text link is a title or phrase (maximum 30 characters) that when clicked, our visitor is redirected to your website/blog. The choice of your title or phrase determines the number of users that click your link. It is very important to choose your words carefully. Banner Ads are images or animated images in jpg, jpeg, and bmp or gif format. If you do not have a banner, u can use the same space with text. Your banner must be hosted in your website however we can host your banner for a small fee. Business owners and affiliates may take this opportunity to attract traffic to their website, blog or affiliate link. Please read our Terms of Service carefully before you purchase any ad.



These principles are applied by the to ensure adherence to the highest ethical standards of advertising and to determine the eligibility of products and services for advertising on the websites.


The appearance of advertising on the websites is neither a guarantee nor an endorsement by the of the product, service, or company or the claims made for the product in such advertising. The fact that an advertisement for a product, service, or company has appeared on the websites shall not be referred to in collateral advertising.


As a matter of policy, the will sell advertising space on its websites when the inclusion of advertising does not interfere with the mission or objectives of the or its publications. This also includes any changes in web site design time to time to support such inclusions on



To maintain the integrity of the websites, advertising (i.e., promotional material, advertising representatives, companies, or manufacturers) cannot influence editorial decisions or editorial content. Decisions to sell advertising space are made independently of and without information pertinent to specific editorial content. The websites' advertising sales representatives have no prior knowledge of specific editorial content before it is published including all content posted on the website.


The, in its sole discretion, retains the right to decline any submitted advertisement or to discontinue posting of any advertisement previously accepted.



Free Add Posting Provides Free Add Posting Space for Your Firm in Our Career Center Pages.



  • Add Your Company Name with Logo
  • Add Your Company Business Contact
  • Add Your Company  Address also provides a Microsite Pages in a Career Center which is similar to Website of your company and which contains many features. (It is a Paid Version)



  • Home Pages – Contains Banner, Some Description of Your Company
  • About Page – Contains Full Description of Your Company
  • Services- Contains About Your Company services with Images and Description
  • Gallery- Contains Images of Your Company or Products
  • Contact-  Contains Enquiry Form, with complete Address




EduVideo is a service @ where people are entertained, informed, educated and inspired through the sharing of video.

This technology allows the video player skin to change dynamically and allowing advertisers to target online video consumers with contextual, interactive advertising for 10 seconds of the video being watched by the user. EduVideo service helps major brands and advertisers effectively deliver premium video advertising alongside premium content. And is far and away the leader in this space with hundreds of educational videos viewed daily.




Streaming is an emission of the video film in free advertising form, played in real time, without necessity of sending whole file before it is being played.







Advertising film is a film emitted in the window of multimedia player on video web service or on the other pages of the portal, before main editorial material.


Technical requirements:

  • Film format: FLV, size: 400x300px, lasting time to 10 sec.
  • Bitrate not more than 512 Kbit/s.
  • Sound in the advertising film has to be normalized to -4dB




Banner Advertisement

a.         Wide Skyscraper

b.         Medium Rectangle

c.         Banner



Wide Skyscraper


Banner is advertisement in the form of vertical rectangle size 160x600 pixels. It has immovable position on the right of the page directly under or above the head of the page (depending on the service). It may be emitted on the whole portal or on chosen by Client pages.



  • Image Dimension: 160x600 pixels
  • Location: All pages-single/All Sections
  • Display type: Banners in rotation
  • Format: JPG, GIF, FLASH





Medium Rectangle


Interactive advertisement placed in the right of the page, in the place of a banner. It has immovable position on the right of the page directly under or above the head of the page in format 300x250 pixels.



  • Image Dimension: 300x250 pixels
  • Location: All pages-single/All Sections
  • Display type: Banners in rotation
  • Format: JPG, GIF, FLASH








Small Banner


Scroll Banner is an advertisement in the form of horizontal rectangle size 468x60 pixels. It is placed in Top of Page in Header Part. It may be emitted on the whole portal or on chosen by Client pages and web services.



  • Image Dimension: 468x60 pixels
  • Location: All pages-single/All Sections
  • Display type: Banners in rotation
  • Format: JPG, GIF, FLASH




Terms & Conditions


  1. All Payments are to be paid in advance. Payments can be made by Cash / MO / DD / Bank Fund Transfer before the start of the advertising campaign. Please contact us for further information in regard to payments.
  2. All Ads should be submitted in Animated GIF / JPEG Formats only and should be of Internet Advertising Standard Formats only.
  3. All Ads are being verified by us before they are put online. Ad's that are not targeted to our audience are strictly rejected.
  4. All Ads will be hosted on our server only and are queued along with the other ad's being hosted on our website.