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Welders are professionals who join metals by heating and melting the metal such as steel, aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Welder use gas and electricity for welding purpose and also use many types of welding equipment set up in a variety of positions, such as flat, vertical, horizontal, and overhead. Welding process is used in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, aerospace application; it is used to join beams while constructing buildings, bridges, other structures, to join pipes in pipelines, power plants, refineries and thousands of other manufacturing activities.

Welders use different welding processes and fillers depending on the type of metal, its size and shape, and requirements for finished product strength. They develop patterns or follow directions given in layouts, blueprints and work orders, clean check for defects and shape component parts and weld parts together. Specialty areas such as TIG, Pipe Welding, and the welding of stainless steel and aluminum are always in demand. Welding can be done anywhere outdoors or indoors, underwater and in outer space.


Characteristics of Welder

1. Manual dexterity.

2. Good vision.

3. Good eye-hand coordination.

4. Patience and the ability to concentrate on detailed work.


Specialties in welding include

1. Structural metal fabricator

2. Pipe and steamfitter

3. Welding inspector

4. Welding engineer



Welders are employed in Manufacturing companies, Construction companies and also in various industries. They are also employed in Primary metals industries which include steel mills, iron and steel foundries, smelting and refining plants. Welders are also involved in bulldozers, cranes, material handling equipment, food-processing machinery, papermaking and printing equipment, textiles, and office machinery. One can start their own firm. Graduates work as Aviation welding technician, Electric arc welder, Laser welding operator, Pressure vessel welder, Production welder, Spot welder and Welder apprentice.

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