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Web Designing  

Web designing is the process of designing websites and web applications. The term web design is normally used to describe the design process relating to the front-end design of a website. Web designing refers to an art of presenting content to the user by utilizing World Wide Web and web designing process includes idea conceptualization, preparing plan, production, post production, research activities and advertising.

Web designing make visitors able to access the web pages at one platform with several images, texts, links, graphics etc. web designing course includes study of multimedia software namely Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash, etc. and different areas of web design include, web graphic design and interface design.

Different technologies used for web designing are as follows

Style sheet languages (Ex. CSS and XSL)

Markup languages (Ex. XHTML, HTML and XML)

Multimedia technologies (Ex. Silverlight and Flash)

Database technologies (Ex. MSSQL, MySQL)

Server Side Scripting (Ex. ASP and PHP)

Client side scripting (Ex. VBScript and JavaScript)


Adobe Photoshop


Specialty areas of Web Designing

Designing, Coding, Testing, Hosting

Basic standard designing principles

Basic web server maintenance techniques & support

Database management methods

Web administration tools

File format used in delivery of web content

Web based accessibility technologies

New and emerging website technologies



Web Designers are employed in all MNC Company, Government, and Educational Institutes and one can also opt for free lancing jobs in web designing by taking online projects and working independently. They usually work in teams with other designers and individuals from other functional areas. They are involved in creating pages, designing layouts, designing templates, designing images, writing codes etc. They are involved Testing, Hosting and Designing of web sites with different browsers. Graduates work as a graphic designer, web designer, and flash designer.

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