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Turner & Fitters  

Turners & Fitters are the people who manufacture, construct, and assemble those parts together to manufacture a mechanical device, fit components for machinery, vehicles, and other apparatus. They are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of equipment. Turner and Fitters also operates CNC machines, lathes, milling, drilling machines, and use many different hand tools and work with lots of types of metal such as brass, mild steel, stainless steel, bright blue bar and many more.

Fitters and turners lay out the construction materials and make cutting lines with industrial tools to match the specification and also makes parts to machinery and fixed plant such as pumps, engines, conveyor systems, hydraulic and pneumatic driven machines. Fitters and turners also work with machinists to ensure each component is correctly assembled into larger pieces of machinery. Fitter and turner are responsible for assessing the safety and efficiency of tools.

Major Task of Turner & Fitters

1. Studying drawings and specifications to determine suitable material.

2. Fitting fabricated metal parts into products and assembling metal parts to produce     machines and equipment.

3. Checking fabricated and assembled metal parts for accuracy, clearance.

4. Forming metal stock and castings to fine tolerances using machining tools to press, cut,     grind, plane, bore and drill metal.

5. Cutting, threading, bending and installing.

6. Preparing pattern mechanisms to control the operation of textile machines used to spin,     weave, knit, sew and tuft fabric.

7 Diagnosing faults and performing operational maintenance of machines.



Turners and Fitters work in tool rooms, in manufacturing industries, such as machinery manufacturing and transportation equipment manufacturing industries, Large engineering works, Large industrial plants, Factories, Iron and steel plants, Shipyards, Government departments, small machining shops, Mines and Garages.

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