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Travel & Tourism  

Travel and tourism is a very dynamic and complex sector, made up of a wide range of component industries, Such as accommodation, transport, attractions, tourism development, tour operators and travel agencies. Travel is the movement of people from one place to other using different types of transport, while Tourism covers the whole process of people visiting destinations for a variety of reasons. Travel and Tourism industry is essentially concerned with providing services for people who are away from home, on business or holiday.

Travel can be leisure travel involving package tours, pilgrim travel, adventure travel etc. Travel and Tourism is a wide industry, it includes Government tourism departments, Immigration and customs services, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels. Travel is all about the movement of people such as airplanes, boats, trains and other conveyances between various distant geographical locations and Tourism is a travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes

Three main types of tourism

Domestic tourism when people take holidays, short breaks and day trips in their own country.

Inbound/incoming tourism when people enter a country from their own country of origin or another country which is not their home.

Outbound tourism when people travel away from the country where they normally live.


Courses and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with any subjects to get     admission into bachelor’s degree program.

2. Bachelor of Tourism Administration(BTA)

3. Master of Tourism Administration (MTA)



Graduates in this field are employed in Tourism Department, Airlines, and Travel Agencies, public and private sector, tour operators, transport and cargo companies. Graduates in this field should be knowledgeable about the places their clients visit and must have knowledge on current rules and regulations and documentation required, in areas like cargo, ticketing and passports, visas.

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