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Transportation Engineering  

Transportation engineering is a very diverse and multidisciplinary field, which deals with the planning, design, operation and maintenance of transportation systems. Good transportation is that which provides safe, rapid, comfortable, convenient, economical and environmentally compatible movement of both goods and people. Transportation planners and engineers recognize the fact that transportation systems constitute a potent force in shaping the course of regional development. Transportation engineering is a major division of the civil engineering

Transportation engineering, as practiced by civil engineers, primarily involves planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of transportation facilities. The facilities support air, highway, railroad, pipeline, water and even space transportation.

Specialty areas of Transportation Engineering

1. Transportation Planning

2. Geometric Design

3. Pavement Design

4. Traffic Engineering

5. Accident analysis and reduction

6. Financial & Economic analysis



Transportation Engineers are employed in private consulting firms or governmental agencies, while some are instructors or researchers at universities. Engineers are involved in building and repairing the infrastructure that supports transportation networks, Such as highways, airports and bridges. Some transportation engineers spend their careers working in the operations side of the industry by safeguarding the transportation systems. Transport engineers involve with public transportation officials to explore ways to improve passenger services and increase ridership.

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