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Tool & Die Making  

Tool and Die making is the art of industrial manufacturing of dies, plastics molds, jigs and fixtures which are used in the mass production of solid objects. Tool and die makers are highly skilled machinists, they produce tools, dies, and parts of machines used to manufacture a variety of products. Tool makers build and repair cutting and shaping devices for machine tools, Die makers construct and repair metal forms called dies that are used in stamping and forging metal. Most press working dies are utilized in the fabrication of sheet metal parts that range in size from the finger stop on a dial telephone to the panels of an automobile body.

Tool and die makers have a broad knowledge of machining operations and they must be able to operate almost any machine tool, including milling machines, lathes, and grinders, as well as hand tools. Tool and Die Maker skills includes Operation and Control, Judgment and Decision Making, Operation Monitoring, Equipment Selection, Quality Control Analysis, Equipment Maintenance.

Tool and Die categories

1. Mold making

2. Die making

3. Fixture making

4. Specialty machine building


Specifications for making tools and dies

1. Computing and verifying the tolerance

2. Shape and dimensions of each component

3. Filing and adjusting parts to ensure the proper fit

4. Testing finished dies and tools

5. Inspecting for defects.



Tool and Die makers are employed in Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing industries, Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing industries, Forging and Stamping industries, Plastics Product Manufacturing industries, Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing industries. Tool and die makers become tool designers and open their own tool and die shops. Tool and die makers are involved in making repair and modify custom made, prototype or special tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and gauges using various metals such as alloys and plastics.

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