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SSLC (10th)
10th Class Studies (SSLC)  

The term SSLC stands for Secondary School Leaving Certificate, Colloquially known as Boards/Public Exam. The word is common in parts of India. Indian education system fundamentally consists of five years of primary schooling, followed by five years of secondary schooling. The SSLC must be obtained at the end of term of study at the secondary school. On obtaining this certificate, the student completes his basic schooling or basic education.

After obtaining the SSLC, a student may choose industrial training institute, where one can be trained in skills necessary for technical occupations and can join polytechnic for a three-year course of diploma in engineering and can also join PUC in Science, Commerce, Arts etc. SSLC is obtained by passing a public examination, an examination that has been formulated by the regional board of education that the school is affiliated with. SSLC is often regarded as the first important examination that a student undertakes.

Subjects of SSLC are

1. Languages (Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Marathi, Tamil, English, Sanskrit)

2. Science

3. Mathematics

4. Social Science

SSCL divided into different syllabus

1. State Syllabus

2. CBSE Syllabus

3. International Syllabus (ICSE)

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