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Software Testing  

Software testing is an activity in the process of developing software. It is none other than debugging. It is the process of checking software for quality assurance, verification and validation or reliability estimation. Software testing is more than just error detection. Testing involves operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results. Software testing is a complete process of checking completeness, correctness and quality of computer software. Software testing is done by software testers who involved in verification and validation of software product.

Some Types of software testing

Black box testing Internal system design is not considered in this type of testing. Tests are based on requirements and functionality

White box testing This testing is based on knowledge of the internal logic of an application’s code

Unit testingIn this testing we take the smallest unit of software and test that code and find error

Functional testing This type of testing ignores the internal parts and focus on the output is as per requirement or not

Integration testingThis is the process of testing in which tester test the interfaces of the system. There are many types of Integration testing

Acceptance testingAccept testing is done by the customer

Regression TestingRegression Testing is the done to test that the modification has not affect the system performance

System testing Entire system is tested as per the requirements

Recovery testing Testing how well a system recovers from crashes, hardware failures, or other catastrophic problems

Security testing Can system be penetrated by any hacking way

Compatibility testing Testing how well software performs in a particular hardware/software/operating system/network environment and different combinations of above

Comparison testing Comparison of product strengths and weaknesses with previous versions or other similar products.


Some Essential Task of Software Testing includes:

1. Test strategy that tells you what types of testing and the amount of testing you think will     work best at finding the defects that are lurking in the software

2. Testing plan of the actual testing tasks you will need to execute to carry out that strategy

3. Test cases that have been prepared in advance in the form of detailed examples you will     use to check that the software will actually meet its requirements

4. Test data consisting of both input test data and database test data to use while you are     executing your test cases.

5. Test environment which you will use to carry out your testing


Courses and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with science subjects to get    admission into bachelor’s degree program

2. B.E in computer science or Information Science

3. B.Tech in Computer Applications

4. MCA in Computers

5. M.Tech in Computers.



Software testers are employed in all IT companies, Government and Private Organizations. Testers’ job involves in verification, validation, debugging, coding, and maintaining the software product. Testers use several tools and techniques for testing the software to enable real-time performance validation in addition to simulated loads.

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