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Social Work  

Social work is a professional activity of helping individuals, organized service or activity designed to improve social conditions in a community as assistance to poor persons and groups. Social work is concerned with helping people to obtain services, helping communities, groups to improve their conditions, promotes social change, problem-solving in human relationships, liberation of people to enhance their independence and happiness.

Social work includes theories from economics, education, sociology, medicine, philosophy, politics, anthropology, and psychology. Graduates who are specialized in this field are known as social workers. Social workers give the solutions of the problems through counseling, arranging conferences, increasing resources, spreading public awareness and starting social programs and health service.

Areas of Social Work

1. Clinical Social Work

2. School Social Work

3. Psychiatric Social Work

4. Criminology and Correctional Social Work

5. Medical Social Work

6. Community Organization

7. Research

8. Industrial Social Work


Courses and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with Arts subjects to get     admission into bachelor’s degree program.

2. Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

3. Master of Arts in Social Work

4. Master of Philosophy in Social Work



Graduates of Social Work are employed in Government and Non-Government Organizations, NGO’s, International organization, service user's home, schools, hospitals, public sector and voluntary organizations, police departments, public agencies, court systems to private practices or businesses.

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