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Rural Management  

Rural Management is a study of rural development which consists of organizing, Planning, developing, controlling of co-operatives, and allied fields, Education, Health, Self Employment, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Environment, Women empowerment. Rural management contributes towards the development of villages and small towns. Rural management system work is to take care of the development of such backward and unattended areas. Rural managers are hired to assist the villagers in the process of improvement, growth and expansion.

Rural management professional is to planning systematic development of the region where one is working. Secondly, the person is expected to collect necessary data on topics like illiteracy rate, nourishment rate, development of women and social relevant information. Rural management can also be defined as activity and process of managing the development process in the rural areas.

Specialty areas of Rural Management

1. Management of land and rural areas.

2. Land settlement and Town planning.

3. Rural and Urban livelihoods.

4. Disaster Management.

5. Habitat and Infrastructure development.

6. Organizational development .



Rural management graduates are employed in Government and Public Sectors, organizations, NGOs, development agencies, cooperative banks, insurance companies, retail companies rural territory scale, in rural land settlement or in sustainable development of small and medium-sized companies in agriculture and food industry, as well as local collectivities. Rural development graduates are involved in entire development of project in rural areas. Rural management professionals are also responsible for the growth and profit increment of their company and charge of managing and maintaining their units. Rural manager helps in planning and executing rural development schemes in developing rural areas.

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