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Public Relations  

Public Relation is profession or practice of creating and maintaining goodwill of organizations to enhance their reputations and a distinct branch of communication which involves informing and educating the public about the activities or philosophy of an organization. Public relations involve in the cultivation of favorable relations for organizations and products with its key publics through the use of a variety of communications channels and tools. Public relations play a very significant role in our daily lives. It can inform, educate, reassure, or result in the acceptance of a situation. Public Relation is similar to Analyst Relations, Investor Relations and Public Affairs depending on the firm, organization or population it represents.

Public relation is a field concerned with maintaining a public image for businesses, non-profit organizations or high-profile people, such as celebrities and politicians. Public relation is all about communication between organizations. Public relations specialists handle organizational functions such as media, community, consumer, governmental relations, political campaigns, interest-group representation; conflict mediation; or employee and investor relations.

Basic components of public relations

Media Relations


Employee/Member Relations

Community Relations

Public Affairs and Government Affairs

Financial Relations



Industry Relations


Marketing Communications


Courses and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with any subjects to get    admission into bachelor’s degree program.

2. Bachelor's degree in communications, journalism or marketing.



Public Relation students are employed in various industries, Advertising agencies and Marketing companies, filmmaking agencies, corporate world, entertainment industry, media industry, public relations agencies, government organizations, government organizations and many other sectors.

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