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Power Management  

Power Management is a management that deals with consumption and use of energy for an organization. Power management consists of some electric applications especially computers and computer devices such as monitors and printers. Power management is vital in computers and other handheld devices, but is also increasingly important in large datacenters where the total consumption of electricity can be enormous.

Power management is especially important for portable devices rarely on battery power by reducing power to components that aren't being used, a good power management system can double or triple the lifetime of a battery. Power management for computer systems reduce overall energy consumption, cooling requirements, noise, operating costs for energy and cooling.

Specialty areas of Power Management

1. Power station management.

2. Organization change and development.

3. Strategic cost management and control.

4. Hydro power resources management.

5. Financial Derivatives.

6. Global Power Business.

7. Load Management.

8. Energy Accounting.



Power management graduates are employed in government and private organizations such as Power Finance Corporation, and Power Grid Corporation of India Limited and some work in public sector organizations. Power managers work as a Consultant Professor, Plant Manager, Product Manager, Assistant Manager, Operations managers. Power Managers are involved in designing, layout considerations, operation management, construction, power supply and power control.

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