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Port and Shipping Management  

Port management is a process which depends on road transport, storage, safe ship operations, health and safety and on the combination of material handling. Large ports need to deal with a number of disparate activities like the movement, loading and unloading of ships, containers, and warehouse. Port Management involves in managing resources, managing the flow of money between the agents providing and using these resources and updating all management-related information.

Shipping Management deals with the process of managing a ship. The function of the shipping management team is to provide the owner with support throughout the occupancy or charter of the vessel. Ship management is done by independent companies which use ships of some other companies or independent owners. Shipping deals with transportation of passengers and goods on waterways.

Specialty areas of Port and Shipping Management

1. Shipping Documentation.

2. Crew Management.

3. Technical Management.

4. commercial Management.

5. Business Development.

6. Supply Chain and Logistics.

7. Infrastructure Development.

8. Anchorage Operations.

9. Sea transportation.

10.Shipping laws .

11.Marine insurance.

12.charting, lines trade and multi-modal.



Port and Shipping Management graduates are employed in government agencies and private sectors, Railways, Defense, Shipping Companies, Agency Houses, and Export/Import Houses. Graduates work as Shipping Manager, Port Manager, Liner Executive, and Merchant Officer. Shipping and port managers can also work with International shipping majors and private port corporations.

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