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Photography is an art of producing images on photosensitive surfaces. Photography involves capturing images with a camera. Photography has many uses for business, science, manufacturing (e.g. photolithography), art, recreational purposes, and mass communication.

Photography demands a lot of technicalities like camera, lens specifications, apertures, exposures, lighting ratios, contrast etc. photography basically requires a keen, observant eye, and an intelligent, curious and perceptive mind. Professional in this field is known as Photographer, Photographers specialize in the photography of wildlife, sports travel, and environment.

Specializations of Photography are


Commercial and advertising photography


Fine art

Educational photography or scientific photography.


Courses and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with any subjects to get admission    into bachelor’s degree program.

2. Diploma is two years.

3. B.A (Photography) is a three years integrated course.

4. M.A (Photography) is two years.



Graduates are employed in in any of the Government and private media related business. Photographers may work for a studio or be self-employed, advertising agencies, work as freelance photographers, TV channels, Add agencies, Film industries and many other fields of mass media communication. Photographers work as a Commercial photographer, Industrial photographer, Advertising photographer, Fine arts photographers, Scientific photographer, Forensic Photographer, Fashion photographer, News photographer, Digital photography, Wildlife photographer, Wedding photographers, T.V channels Photographer, Cinema Still Photographers.

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