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Operation Management  

Operation Management deals with the management of products, processes, services, supply chains, design, creation, production, distribution and delivery of the organization’s goods and services. Operation Management is concerned with implementing strategies, designing and controlling the process of converting raw material into the final products.

Operations management programs typically include instruction in principles of general management, manufacturing and production systems, plant management, equipment maintenance management, production control, strategic manufacturing policy, systems analysis, productivity analysis and cost control, and materials planning. Operations management programs prepare people to run production or technical operations in firms.

Specialty areas of Operation Management

1. Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

2. Reverse Logistics.

3. Enterprise Resource Planning.

4. E-Commerce.

5. Services Management.

6. Production Planning & Control.

7. Design of Manufacturing Systems.

8. Project Management.



Operation Management graduates are employed in industry, private companies, public companies, non-profits, or the government, Retail, Information Technology, Financial Institutions, Construction, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Transportation companies. Graduates work as an Operations Manager, Operations Executive, Assistant Manager Operations, Plant Manager, Area Operations Manager, Process re-engineering Managers, and IT Operations Administrators Manufacturing. The majority of operations managers focus on the management of corporations and enterprises.

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