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Oil & Gas Management  

Oil and Gas are the important energy bases worldwide .Oil and gas management is concerned with transportation, logistics and supply, infrastructure, and management of the oil and gas Industry. Oil & gas management professionals are involved in oil production or commodities trading business, financial and regulatory concerns of the energy industry. Oil and gas Management consists areas like pricing, exploration and production, refining and export of petro products, regulations, distribution of oil and gas, petro research etc.

Oil and Gas Management is responsible for the statewide oil and gas conservation and environmental programs to facilitate the safe exploration, development, recovery of oil and gas reservoirs in a manner that will protect the commonwealth's natural resources and the environment.

Specialty areas of Oil & Gas Management

1. Retail & Marketing.

2. Pipeline Operations.

3. Operations Management.

4. Logistic & Supply Chain Management.

5. Project management for the energy industry.

6. Planning and promotion.

7. The legal, financial, economic and technological factors.



Oil and gas management graduates are employed in IT industries, Government, Public and private sectors companies. Oil and gas management is very vast and is a growing industry. There are many different departments in oil and gas industry, which have continuous demand of skilled oil and gas professionals. Graduates work as Sales Associate, Lab Supervisor, Oil Field Sales, Maintenance Manager, and Energy Consultant.

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