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Network Backups  

Network backup is a process that which system maintains copies of your personal electronic data files in case of computer failures, theft or disasters. Backup Network feature allows you to direct primary backup traffic generated by Backup Exec to a specific local network. Backup is the activity of copying files, databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure and backup is usually a routine part of the operation of large businesses with mainframes as well as the administrators of smaller business computers.

When backup operations are performed by the Backup Exec media server, the backup data will use either the backup network or the corporate network to back up the database server. If the backup data goes through the corporate network, the amount of time it takes to back up the database server will increase because the network route between the two computers is longer. Network backup is all about backing up a client to a backup server, this means the client sends the files to the server and the server writes them to backup medium. Network backup feature allows for online backups of multiple computers, servers or Network Attached Storage appliances on a local area network from a single computer. Backup programs allow you to select any combination of drives and folders to back up.

Some main types of backup are

1. Full back up or Normal backup: This backs ups the entire contents including the     system state data of the server from where the backup is being run.

2. Incremental backup: This backup up files and folders that have been modified or created     after the previous backup and the attribute is again reset.

3. Differential backup: This back up files and folders that have been modified or created     after a previous full or incremental backup and attributes have not been reset or changed.


Some Types of Home Network Backup

1. Backups to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM discs

2. Network backups to a local server

3. Online backups to a remote hosting service


Some Backup tools and software

1. Ghost disk image (Ghost disk image is a backup software methodology provide easy     network backup solutions because they save all of a disk drive at once)

2. Scheduled backups (Is a recovery software that protect a large dynamic data flow)

3. USB

4. Backup server (The backup server is the data center that takes in copied data and stores     it for effective backup


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