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Multimedia Programming
Multimedia Programming  

Multimedia programming is a fusion between the arts and programming and has a strong technical requirement Multimedia programming includes Frameworks & Media Integration, Time Synchronization and Interactive and Event Driven Programs and also Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content forms.

Graduate in this field known as Multimedia Programmer. Multimedia Programmer is a specialized type of programmer who is especially good at writing software which includes and focuses on multimedia, such as audio, pictures, animation or video. Multimedia Programmers use many different pieces of software to create videos and presentations, and are highly dependent on computers for displaying work and make computer programs that use text, sound, graphics and pictures, 2D/3D modeling and virtual reality. Multimedia Programmers work with Art Directors, Web Developers, Software Designers, and Project Managers.

Key Skills for Multimedia Programming

Multimedia programmer has a good sense of art, as well as layout and graphic design, and is excited to work with computers and programming.




Good analytical skills


Activities of Multimedia Programmer Includes

1. Writing efficient computer code or script to make the various features work, ensuring that     sound, graphics, animations and timings function.

2. Creating and linking databases to the user interface so that information can be retrieved     stored and processed interactively via the application.

3. Running tests of the application to identify bugs that need to be dealt with.

4. Solving problems by re-writing the code or adding new code that works around the problem.

5. Providing technical support to an application once it is running and making further     adaptations, patches or rewrites to the code.



Graduates of Multimedia Programming are employed in software and multimedia houses, computer games companies, specialist multimedia and web design companies, IT consultancies, large organizations, multimedia and new media departments. Graduates are involved in creating multimedia product designs, producing, demonstrating, developing skills and expertise in appropriate software/programming languages, designing and writing computer codes, and testing the codes.

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