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Media Management  

Media Management deals with media planning and management, account planning and management and market research. Media management concerned with capturing, compressing, copying, moving or deleting media files. Media Management gives the knowledge of media management, encompassing media technology and its basic components, business development, organization and economics to beat the competition in the mass media market.

Media management incorporates media economics, political economy, media studies, mass communication and journalism. Media Management offers you an opportunity to learn process of making media products and principles of business management as well and helps to specialize in handling business media as a manager and a freelancer.

Specialty areas of Media Management

1. Brilliant power of expression.

2. Initiatives and work hard.

3. Objectivity and Perfectionism.

4. Innovative and ability to be an entrepreneur.

5. Good leadership & organizing abilities.



Media Management graduates are employed in multinational companies, TV channels, Radio Stations, Journalism, public relations, research, advertising and television. Media Management is divided into three sectors Media Planners, Media Strategists and Media Managers. Media Planners are involved to design the media advertising campaign. Media strategists are involved to set out a road map to achieve an organization's objectives, designing the goals of a particular media campaign. Media managers can work on a wide range of problems relating to managing media related issues, typically they work in media firms (newspapers, TV channels, radio stations, news agencies).

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