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Materials Management  

Materials Management is the process by which an organization is supplied with the goods and services that it needs to achieve its objectives of buying, storage and movement of materials and the process includes process encompassing acquisition, shipping, receiving, evaluation, warehousing and distribution of goods, supplies and equipment .Materials Management is related to planning, procuring, storing and providing the appropriate material of right quality, right quantity at right place in right time.

Material Management functions include Material planning and programming, Purchasing and outsourcing, Inventory control, Storekeeping and warehousing, Codification, Standardization and evaluation of all products, Transportation and material handling, Inspection and quality control, Cost reduction through value analysis, Distribution.

Specialty areas of Materials Management

1. Planner

2. Scheduler

3. Buyer

4. Purchasing Agent

5. Supply Chain Manager

6. Materials Manager

7. Warehouse Manager

8. Transportation Manager

9. Logistics Manager



Material Management graduates are employed in public and private sectors, industries, corporate houses, private transporters, departments of defense, railways, public transport. Material management can prepare graduates for a variety of careers in procurement, materials management, purchasing, vendor management, customer relationship management, quality assurance, project management, traffic management, logistics, integrated supply liaison work and systems analysis. Material management graduates may also qualify for other jobs with supply chain management responsibilities such as operations manager, supply chain advisor, logistics director, manufacturing planning analyst and inspection coordinator.

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