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Industrial & Business Management  

Industrial Management is concerned with management of an industry and organization incorporating all its aspects such as man, material and energy to produce certain commodities and engaged in the trade of goods, and services. Industrial management involves technical aspects of production process, quality control, safety standard, tools and machinery, energy and power along with optimum utilization material and human resources. Industrial management helps improve managerial skills by promoting awareness of new technology and related concepts on their new products and processes

Business Management can be defined as the process of managing and supervising the business and operations of a company or organization. It is an organized effort by individuals to produce and sell for a profit, goods and products. Business Management activities associated with running a company, such as controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing and planning.

Specialty areas of Industrial & Business Management

1. Finance.

2. Sales and Marketing.

3. Human Resource.

4. Personnel Management.

5. International Business.

6. Retail and Rural management.



Industrial Management graduates are employed in Private and Public sector Industries, Government Sectors. Industrial Managers work in various industrial units such as textiles, steel, power, chemicals, aviation and robotics automobiles, heavy machinery, chemical, petroleum, electronics, electrical etc. Graduates work as Industrial Production Manager, Construction Manager, Compliance Officer, Production Manager, Operations Manager Purchasing Manager, Quality Assurance Control Manager, Facility Manager and Organizational Consultant.

Business Management graduates are employed in both public and private sectors. Banks, financial institutions, corporate houses, government departments and industries. Business Management is today one of the fastest growing professional courses and best career options. Skilled graduates work as a marketing managers, financial managers, Strategic mangers, operations managers and Human Resource managers.

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