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Financial Management  

Financial Management is that specialized activity which is responsible for obtaining and effectively utilizing the funds for the efficient functioning of the business and therefore, it includes financial planning, financial administration and co-organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities. Financial Management is also concerned with the funds management. The key objectives of financial management would be to create wealth for the business, Generate cash and provide an adequate return on investment bearing in mind the risks that the business is taking and the resources invested.

Financial Management is most important part of the Management process. Functional areas such as production management, marketing management, personnel management, etc. depend on financial management.

Specialty areas of Financial Management

1. Financial Audit

2. International Finance

3. Strategic Cost Management

4. Management of Financial Services

5. Corporate Finance

6. Real Estate Finance

7. Financial Systems



Financial Management students are employed in government and private sectors, public accounting firms, markets research, budget planning, corporations and consultancies. Employees work as a Finance Officer, Insurance Manager, Finance Controller, Director of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, Credit and Cash Manager. There are wide varieties of job opportunities for financial management students in banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, mutual funds and investment companies. Employees in corporate finance work as financial analysts, reporting analysts, budget analysts, planners and commercial bank analyst.

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