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Electronic Mechanic  

Electronic Mechanic is a person who repairs, tests, adjusts, installs electronic equipment, such as computers, industrial controls, audio and video systems, radar systems, telemetering, missile control systems, transmitters, antennas, and servomechanisms.

Electronic Mechanic technician study blueprints, schematics, manuals, or other specifications to determine installation procedures, Test faulty equipment to diagnose malfunctions, using test equipment or software, and Perform scheduled preventive maintenance tasks, such as checking, cleaning, or repairing equipment, to detect and prevent problems. They use various testing equipment such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators and frequency counters for repairing electronic equipment.

Activities of Electronic Mechanic

1. Tests faulty equipment and applies knowledge of functional operation of electronic units     and systems to diagnose cause of malfunction.

2. Tests electronic components and circuits to locate defects, using oscilloscopes, signal     generators, ammeters, and voltmeters.

3. Replaces defective components and wiring and adjusts mechanical parts, using hand tools     and soldering iron.

4. Aligns, adjusts, and calibrates equipment according to specifications.

5. Maintains records of repairs, calibrations, and tests.



Electronic Mechanics are employed in electronics industry, manufacturing industries, and they can setup their own business. Employment opportunities for electronics technicians vary and are largely based on their areas of expertise such robotics, energy conversion, and power generation. Electronics mechanics are valued greatly, Especially by some major corporations to improve their product. Electronic Technicians work as Appliance Service Technician, Computer Service Technician, Industrial Instrument Mechanic or Aircraft Instrument Mechanic.

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