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Electrician is a person who installs, connect, test, and maintain electrical systems for a variety of purposes, including climate control, security, and communications. Electricians generally specialize in construction and maintenance work, Electricians who are specializing in construction work primarily install wiring systems into new homes, businesses, and factories, and Electricians who are specializing in maintenance work primarily maintain and upgrade existing electrical systems and repair electrical equipment


Electricians also specialize in wiring ships, airplanes and other mobile platforms and install, maintain the electronic controls for machines in business and industry. Some skills needed to become an electrician are, eye-hand coordination, physical condition, sense of balance and good color vision and capability to solve mathematic problems is also required.

Electrician’s major tasks include

1. Connecting wires to circuit breakers, transformers or other components.

2. Repairing or replacing wiring, equipment and fixtures, using hand tools and power tools.

3. Assembling, installing, testing and maintaining electrical or electronic wiring.

4. Testing electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment and     fixtures.

5. Planning layout and installation of electrical wiring, based on job specifications and local     codes.

6. Inspecting electrical systems, equipment and components to identify hazards, defects.

Specializations of Electrician Include

1. Motor Repair

2. Electrical and Electronics Installer

3. Electrical and Electronics Repairers

4. Electrical Engineering Technicians

5. Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installer or Repairer

6. Electrical Drafters

7. Electrical and Electronics Engineers

8. Construction and Building Inspectors

9. Lineman

10. Elevator Installation and Maintenance Professional

11. Electronics Technician



Electrician graduates are employed in manufacturing and technical industries. Most of the electricians choose to be self-employed and offer their services to homes and businesses. Electricians work at construction sites, in homes, in businesses or factories. Due to growth of the economy and the augment of the population, more electricians will be needed to install electrical systems and give maintenance services. So, employment of electricians is expected to increase as fast as average for all occupations through the upcoming years.

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