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Distributed Control System  

Distributed Control System is a control system that is distributed throughout a machine to provide instructions to different parts of the machine and control all machine and each section of a machine has its own computer that controls the operation. Distributed Control System is a computerized control system used to control the production line in the industry. DCS is commonly used in manufacturing equipment and utilizes input and output protocols to control the machine.

Distributed Control System used in a variety of industries

Electrical power grids and electrical generation plants

Environmental control systems

Traffic signals

Radio signals

Water management systems

Oil refining plants

Metallurgical process plants

Chemical plants

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Sensor networks

Dry cargo and bulk oil carrier ships

Some Types of DCS

1. Conventional DCS( This is pure process control system )

2. PLC based DCS( This is a network of PLC used to perform the task of conventional DCS )

3. Hybrid DCS( This performs both process and sequential Control )

4. Open DCS System


Courses and Eligibility

1.The student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with science subjects to get     admission into a bachelor’s degree program.

2. BE in Electronic and Communication.

3. BE in Computer Science.

4. M.Tech in Electrical and Computer Science.



Graduates are employed in all manufacturing companies, industries etc. Graduates responsibilities include devising technical strategies, application development, HMI application development, control systems architecture and detailed design work, determining equipment layouts, and conducting system staging and system testing.

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