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Content Writing  

A website content writer is a professional who specializes in providing relevant text content for websites. Web content is the information and pictures that we come to read and view on Web pages. Content writing has a distinct role to play in the conversion rate of a website. Website Content Writing is totally based on experience of the writer and every website has a specific target audience and requires different types of content.

Content writer is desired to draft articles and is achieved only after carrying out extensive research of the topic and material to be included in the article, being sketched and Apart from all the creative ideas and juicy thoughts in the article, the information so written must be factually correct and authentic, in order to make the website genuine. The article written should be interesting to attract advertisers, create maximum readership, and increase the popularity of both the content and the website. Professionals in this field are known as Content writers, who are involved in writing genuine content for websites.

Various types of Content Writing Include

1. Website writing

2. Blog writing

3. Press release writing

4. Newsletter writing

5. Article writing

6. Writing for various online magazines

7. Journals as well as technical writing


Some Functions of Content Writing

1. Create or edit copy to inform the reader, and to promote or sell the company, product or     service described in the website.

2. Produce content to entice and engage visitors, so they continue browsing on the current     website.

3. Produce content that is smart in its use of keywords, or is focused on search engine     optimization (SEO).

4. Create content that allows the site visitors to get the information they want quickly and     efficiently


Courses and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with any subjects to get     admission into bachelor’s degree program.

2. Bachelor's degree in English, marketing, communications, business, mass     communication.



Graduates in this field are employed in web designing companies, news channels, in newspapers, advertising and marketing companies and one can work as a freelance content writer.

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