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Capital Share Market  

Capital Market is the market for financial securities, in which companies and the government can raise long-term funds. Capital Market is one of the significant aspects of every financial market where stock and bond markets are parts of the capital markets. Capital market can be classified into primary and secondary markets. The primary market is a market for new shares, where as in the secondary market the existing securities are traded.

Capital markets are defined as markets in which money is provided for periods longer than a year for debt and equity finance for the government and the corporate sector. Capital Market provides long term funds strategies and as well as short term strategies. Capital markets comprise of stock exchanges and mutual funds, As this is one of the fastest growing areas in Indian economy.

Functions & Roles of Capital Market

1. Mobilization of Savings.

2. Provision of Investment Avenue.

3. Speed up Economic Growth and Development.

4. Proper Regulation of Funds.

5. Service Provision.

6 .Continuous Availability of Funds.


Courses and Eligibility

1.Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with Commerce subjects to get    admission into bachelor’s degree program.

2. PG courses in Securities Markets.

3. MBA in Capital Markets.

4. MBA in Wealth Management.

5. MBA in Financial Engineering.

6. MBA in Risk Management.



Graduates of Commerce, Accountancy, Charted Accountant, Cost Accountancy, Economics, Finance Management, Wealth Management, Financial Engineering, and Risk Management are very much required in Capital Market related work. Capital Market field has numerous job opportunities for those who are graduated in above all subjects.

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