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Basic Programming  

Basic Programming is one of the earliest and simplest high-level programming languages and it is the principal programming languages used for a wide variety of business applications. Basic Programming includes many extensions Microsoft’s popular, Visual Basic and has appeared as programming languages within applications. Basic Programming languages allow people to give instructions to a computer with commands that both the computer and the programmer can understand.

Basic Programming is a multi-platform language because many basic compilers use the same types of routines. Such as Loops, Input from the keyboard, Menu Driven Applications, System Commands, Structured Programming, Subroutines, Built-In Functions, User-Defined Functions, Arrays, sorting, and searches

Basic Programming display are divided into six regions

Program where instructions are written

Stack shows temporary results of program

Variables display the values of any variables of program

Output displays any output values of program

Status displays the amount of available memory remaining

Graphics contains two colored squares that can be manipulated by your program


Types of Languages

High-level Languages (c, c++, java, DotNet)

Low level Languages (Assembly level)

Script Languages( HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Shell Script, VB)


Basic Programming Concepts includes

1. Sequence of commands ( ATTRIB, BREAK, CACLS, CALL, CD, CHCP, CHDIR, CHKDSK)

2. Conditional structures ( If-else, Switch, Nested If)

3. Looping structures ( Repetition for, while, do while )



Students in this field are employed in all software companies. They are involved in Programming, coding and designing.

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