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Aviation Management  

Aviation Management is a process which belongs to the airlines or aeronautical and dealing with the operation of an aircraft, whether it is aircrew, air traffic management, flying operation, technical aspect, comes under the aviation industry. Aviation program includes physics, microeconomics, statistics and basic mechanics, as well as aviation technologies, aviation regulations, airline management and aircraft engineering. Aviation technology primarily deals with the designing and engineering components of aerospace.

Aviation Management is concerned with the special aspects of luggage management, aviation safety, rules and regulation of air traffic, ticket reservation, flight and ground instruction, air navigation, interpretation of meteorological reports and operations of controls.

Specialty areas of Aviation Management

1. Airline Management

2. Airport Management

3. Aviation Law

4. Safety Management Systems

5. Aerodynamics

6. Airport Planning

7. Operation management

8. General airport management



Aviation Management graduates are employed in Airlines companies like Sahara India, Jet Airways, Deccan Airlines, Trans Asian Aviation, Indian Airlines, Kingfisher and Indian International Airlines. Graduates work as an air hostess, customer care executive, air ticketing professional, commercial pilot, operation executive, flight steward, aerospace engineer, aviation administrator. Aircraft manufacturers, airports, colleges/universities, medical airline transports, private airlines, professional development centers and tourism boards are some of the places that hire people.

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