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Airport Handling and Ticketing  

Airport Handling(Management) is all about to control security, building and airfield maintenance, jet way usage, fire prevention, elevator/escalator issues, facility management, coordination & monitoring of aviation safety, aircraft parking & refueling, air traffic control, environment issues, catering, baggage & cargo handling & businesses activities at international & domestic airports. Airport planning and management solutions encompass numerous safety-related software offerings to handle emergencies from positions of both prevention and response.

Professionals in this field are known as Airport Manager who ensures the safe and efficient operation of the airport on a daily basis it includes supporting staff and making sure that all staff is able to provide polite, prompt and correct information to travels, know airport policies and procedures and that passengers, luggage and freight are move through the airport in a logical and timely manner. Scheduling the appropriate number of staff, ensuring that all ticketing and security systems are in excellent working condition and troubleshooting any problem.

Total Airport Management System is an integrated airport management system which is used in all Airports. IT includes Air Traffic Control Administrator System, Over Flight Billing System, Real Time Apron Management System, Handling Agent System, Airport Flight Information Display System, Gate Allocation System, Automated Warehouse System, Security Systems, Metrological Systems, and Ground Services System, Passenger Check in System, and Facility Management System.

Airport Ticketing is a process where Tickets are issued. Ticket agents work at an airport ticket counter using computers to provide customer service to incoming passengers. Responsibilities include a full range of customer service functions. They assist passengers with tagging luggage and baggage check in, ticketing, makes and/or changes reservations, seat assignment, answers inquiries about flight schedules and fares, verify reservations by phone, figures fares and handle payments. Ticket agent is the employee that passenger meets after entering the airport and provide frontline customer service and are responsible for assisting passengers with their travel needs.

Some Task of Airport Manager includes

1. Hire, supervise, develop and evaluate the performance of staff.

2. Train, motivate and coach airport employees.

3. Manage and monitor productivity of all operational activities and personnel at an airport     facility.

4. Plan and implement staffing schedules based on business demands and transaction     levels.


Course and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with any subjects to get admission     into bachelor’s degree program.

2. BBM, B.Com, BBA.

3. MBA in Aviation Management, Hospitality.

4. Diploma in Airport Management.



Graduates are Employed in both government (Indian Airlines, Air India) as well as private domestic and international (Jet Airways, Sahara etc.) airlines. They work as a Manager, Administrator etc.

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