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Agricultural Economics  

Agricultural Economics is a study of the allocation, utilization of the resources used, along with the distribution of agricultural products. Agricultural economics plays a role in the economics of development. Agriculture Economics includes study of business management, statistics, accounting and finance. Graduates who are specialized in this field are known as agriculture economists. Agricultural economists work on economic sector of agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural industry and various problems related to agriculture economy. Economist approach to problem solving should be creative and analytical.

Activities of Agricultural Economist are

1. Monitoring economic changes in agriculture.

2. Creating, as well as using, various econometric modeling techniques to develop forecasts.

3. Understanding and interpreting data.

4. Applying models of economic behavior to agricultural changes and developments.

5. Producing various technical reports.

6. Supplying information on agricultural market trends to the press.

Areas of Agricultural Economics

1. Econometrics

2. International development

3. Community and rural development

4. Food safety and nutrition

5. International trade

6. Natural resource and environmental economics

7. Production economics

8. Risk and uncertainty

9. Health economics

10.Labor economics

11.Forestry economics


13.Agricultural marketing

14.Industrial organization

15.Marketing of agricultural products



Graduates are employed in Government and public sectors, Departments of Agriculture, Environment Affairs and Tourism, financial banks, and insurance companies, agricultural co-operatives, and commercial and manufacturing companies. There is a good scope for economist graduates.

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