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Agricultural Engineering
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Agriculture Engineering  

Agriculture Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the designing, production, processing, development, mechanization, and automation with the efficient planting, harvesting, storage, and processing of farm commodities. Agricultural engineering combines the disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering with a basic understanding of biological sciences and agricultural practices.

A graduate who specializes in this field is known as an agriculturist. Agricultural engineer is the person who plans the heating, cooling, ventilation, postharvest handling and find better ways to reduce crop loss from field damage, during handling, sorting, packing and processing, and helps to make farming sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly. Agriculture Engineers use new technologies and methods to increase yields, improve land use, and conserve resources like seed, water, fertilizers, pesticides and fuel.

Specialty areas of Agriculture Engineering

1. Agricultural Economics.

2. crop process engineering.

3. Post-Harvest Technology.

4. Soil and Water Engineering.

5. Poultry and Fish Processing.

6. Agricultural Machinery Design.

7. Food Engineering .

8. Crop Production.

9. Dairy Management.



Agriculture Engineering graduates are employed in industries associated with agriculture such as equipment companies, seed manufacturers and food companies, private engineering firms and work in industries which are involved in manufacturing of agricultural machinery, equipment, processing technology and some graduates start their career as teacher in universities and colleges. Graduates are involved in sales, marketing and servicing of farm equipment and agricultural implements, in designing and constructing farm buildings, in product planning, mechanizing procedures and crop storage and processing. Agriculture Engineering is one of the top career choices made by students in India.

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