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Diploma in Polymer Engineering  

Polymer Technology is a branch of engineering which deals with Designing, Analyzing, Modifying the polymer materials. Polymer engineering is a sub-field of materials engineering primarily focusing on the development of new products. Polymer engineers often study plastics, although other substances are also considered polymers. Polymer engineering covers aspects of petrochemical industry, polymerization, structure and characterization of polymers, properties of polymers, compounding and processing of polymers, their structure, property relations and applications.

Polymer technology is used in noise reduction materials and molded foam products. Polymer technology is used in several industries such as Medical, Power Generation, Aircraft/Aerospace, Agriculture/Construction, Emergency Vehicles, Transportation, Marine and Recreational Equipment. Polymer plays a large part in shaping the look and feel of today's world.

Specialty Areas of Polymer Technology

1. Thermodynamics

2. Statics and material strength

3. Polymer production and technology

4. Polymer properties

5. Polymer analysis

6. Polymer processing

7. Coating

8. Maintenance

9. Automation

10. Water removal


Courses and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with any subjects to get     admission into Diploma.

2. Diploma in Polymer Engineering.

3. Diploma in Plastic Engineering.



Graduates are employed in Chemical Industries, Government and private sectors, medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, IT, aerospace, automotive as well as rubber and plastic industries. Engineers work in plastic industries in production, quality and testing, polymer application industries for development of high grade polymer. Polymer engineers works as Process engineers in polymer-producing chemical companies, Scale-up of new synthetic chemistry from laboratory development to pilot plant and large-scale production, Research and product development in polymer synthesis, Research and process development in polymer processing.

Graduates can join Bachelor degree of Engineering after completion of Diploma in related subject (3 years).

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