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Diploma in Paper Technology  

Paper Technology combines elements of chemical engineering, chemistry, environmental science and business management. Paper Technology has been an impartial, interesting and trusted provider of information and continues to be an unbeatable source of the information that paper professionals are keen to read about News, technology updates, product information, case studies, comment, world exhibition and conference diary.

Professionals in this field are known as Paper technologists, they are responsible for controlling the processes involved in the conversion of raw materials such as wood and bagasse into pulp, paper, cardboard and related products, which are in turn converted to final products such as books, boxes, etc.

Paper technologists are involved in

1. Processes to manufacture pulp from raw materials

2. Supplying the chemicals for the various processes

3. Designing , manufacture and operation of the paper machines

4. Paper and board making

5. Converting and coating

6. Research and development

7. Project management


Courses and Eligibility

1. Student must pass higher secondary education or 10+2 with any subjects to get     admission into Diploma.

2. Diploma in Paper Technology.



Paper Technologists are employed in Government and private sectors, Paper Mills, Newspaper centers, Paper Industries, paper manufacturers, packaging manufacturers. Engineers are involved in quality check, processing and production.

Graduates can join Bachelor degree of Engineering in Paper Technology after completion of Diploma in related subject (3 years).

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